I'm Brandon Sky Cullen, and I sing for a band called Makari. Lets be friends,

Tonight I found the quiet
A site where there’s no hiding
I lost you to blacks and blues
All I have left is silence
Decipher the violent sounds of violin
Playing down the halls where I went
Somewhere in these trees is me
A green sea where leaves are piling

Sometimes I think
Sometimes I sink
Sometimes I find you in a drink.
I caught myself between a blink
Of time, and I release the kink.
I tried to shake you,
I tried to make you,
I tried my best to hate you.

I pray to gods that don’t exist
To fix the pieces that I miss
A growing list to end our tryst
I kissed your lips beneath the mist
All I hear is static and
Add it to the fact I’m mad and
Can’t wake up, am I an addict?
You’re my favorite habit.

Here’s to the breaking
Here’s to the hurt
Here’s to the faking those little words
Here’s to the quiet
Here’s to the lying
Here’s to the violent universe.


  • Me: yeah because the sun gives your skin vitamin d.
  • Little sister: atleast something's giving me the d.
  • [long pause]
  • Little sister: I'm so sad.

Fuck baseball. Fuck it right in the pussy.

—My little sister.

  • Me: are those the new headphones?
  • My sister: no, I don't know where mine are.
  • Me: dad probably stole them.
  • My sister: mother fucker.

Last night I saw the world from outer space, through a telescope in our favorite place. I stole the moon for you, but I am here alone. I’ll keep you in the dark so no one will know where you are.

At the surface of the moon, I’ll wait for you.


Whiskey on Chelsea Grins bus.

Warped Tour 2014 Orlando