I'm Brandon Sky Cullen, and I sing for a band called Makari. Lets be friends,

Tonight I found the quiet
A site where there’s no hiding
I lost you to blacks and blues
All I have left is silence
Decipher the violent sounds of violin
Playing down the halls where I went
Somewhere in these trees is me
A green sea where leaves are piling

Sometimes I think
Sometimes I sink
Sometimes I find you in a drink.
I caught myself between a blink
Of time, and I release the kink.
I tried to shake you,
I tried to make you,
I tried my best to hate you.

I pray to gods that don’t exist
To fix the pieces that I miss
A growing list to end our tryst
I kissed your lips beneath the mist
All I hear is static and
Add it to the fact I’m mad and
Can’t wake up, am I an addict?
You’re my favorite habit.

Here’s to the breaking
Here’s to the hurt
Here’s to the faking those little words
Here’s to the quiet
Here’s to the lying
Here’s to the violent universe.


  • Me: yeah because the sun gives your skin vitamin d.
  • Little sister: atleast something's giving me the d.
  • [long pause]
  • Little sister: I'm so sad.

Fuck baseball. Fuck it right in the pussy.

—My little sister.